The evolution of my E-cig

I started vaping at the tail end of 2009, being introduced by a relative to the crappy cig-a-likes that were floating around the UK at the time. A little research led me to embark on the mission to find the perfect vape.  The following is a list of all the most notable setups I’ve used in my nicotine vape journey,  some in parallel:

Joyetech Ego with atomizer and cartridge

Joytech Ego with atomizer and drip tip.

Joytech Ego with cartomizer tank

Precise Plus 16340 with cartomizer tank

Vamo V2 with Cartomizer tank

Vamo V2 with Igo-L

K-100 with Trident clone

K-100 with Protank 2

Nemesis clone with Trident Clone

Nemesis clone with Russian clone

Nemesis clone with Fogger v4

Hana DNA30 clone with Lemo RTA

Sigelei 30w with Lemo RTA

Itaste 30w with Lemo RTA



The Solo by Arizer Review


The Arizer Solo is my current daily driver for cannabis consumption, and I can’t  say enough good things about it. Utilizing a combination of conduction and convection heating, vapour quality and flavour are top notch for a portable. While it isn’t the most inconspicuous unit the quality experience it delivers, and the modest price point, make it a winner. I get 6-8 chambers out of a charge, which is about average.  Most importantly, for my uses, with the addition of a glass on glass adapter the Solo pairs well with water pipes and bongs, producing milky hits to rival some desktops. Another plus is the upkeep is minimal, only the glass stem needs to be cleaned and after considerable use.  I suggest adding a small SS screen to the stem chamber to stop material from coming through the airholes, but other than that small addition the unit is flawless.  I would highly recommend the Solo for someone looking for a good portable at a reasonable price. It continues to serve me well.


Review of the Volcano by Stortz and Bickel



The Volcano by Stortz and Bickel has been the industry standard since it hit the market in the early 2000’s. It was the first real vaporizer I used and is still an industry leader. Pure convection means great flavour, and accurate temp retention means you can completely control the experience. There is a reason that after 10 years the design remains essentially unchanged. It works, and it works well. A true workhorse that will stand the test of time and deliver great vapour for years to come with little upkeep. Having said that there are some drawbacks. I find it not to be ideal for solo use due to longish heat up times and a rather large herb oven. Also at this time in the market the price tag on the volcano may seem steep. Other options may deliver a similar or better experience for less. Also being confined to bags isn’t my cup of tea. Overall a great vape you cant go wrong with, but maybe not the best anymore now that more models have entered market.

Review of the Pax by Ploom



I purchased the Pax by Ploom on a whim from a local head shop. A very expensive whim. I was not let down by it. However several aspects of the design led me to to sell it and move on to other devices. The flavour of the Pax is fairly good, the vapor quality likewise. The main reason to buy a Pax is stealth. If you want to vape in public with ease of use and slick design, its great. If you want a daily driver it leaves something to be desired. First off, with someone of my prodigious levels of cannabis consumption, cleaning the Pax becomes a chore. I found myself cleaning the unit every other day, and while its not a huge process its still annoying when all you want to do is vape. My second gripe is that it doesn`t pair well with glass. After becoming enamoured with vaping cannabis, I soon became enamoured with filtering big vapour hits through glass. I Jerry rigged a Pax bong connection but it never was ideal. Also if you invert the Pax, it gums up with resin even faster. So for those who choose the Pax remember to clean often and try to keep it upright to avoid the mouthpiece gumming up. I like the Pax, but these days I would recommend other vapes first. One thing to remember is that the Pax warranty is an impressive ten years, worth considering.

My Current E-cig Devices of Choice

Well, I have been in the e-cig vapor game for a while. I started in earnest when Joyetech released the first version of the EGO. It took a while for me to find a set up that truly satisfied. Ill save the list of products Ive gone through for another time and just share my current daily nic fix drivers.  The Mods I use most are a pair of Nemesis Clones I got from They are the best built mech mods I have used, and never cause me any major issues. One is SS the other is in brass. On top of the Nemmies I use either a Kayfun 3.1 clone, a Trident clone, or a newly aquired Fogger v4. This stuff is fairly advanced e-cig gear and not for the uninitiated. But damn is  it pleasurable to relax in the summer evening on the porch and blow clouds to rival a steam engine.

UPDATE: ( feb 2015) I’ve moved onto to a DNA30 Hana Clone and a LEMO. Still blowing clouds. Check out my reviews on both.

The Case For Vaporization of Medicinal Cannabis


Having switched to vaping almost exclusively for my medicinal herbs, I thought I’d  do a write up of all the benefits I see from stopping combustion. For reference I am a heavy cannabis consumer and have been partaking for roughly 18 years, heavily for 10. I was always a joint smoker, and thought that a well rolled joint was the epitome of flavour. I felt that bowls and bongs were good for the first hit but flavour quickly degraded afterwards. Having only heard of herbal vaporizers, my first experience was from a no name whip vape that didnt really work, it kinda soured me for a bit. Then a friend of a friend brought a volcano over to my house. I was sold after the first session. I got more effect from the vape than smoking had provided in a while.  So in the effort to convince more people of the benefits of vaporizing cannabis, here are my big three reasons to vape:

Flavor : The flavor of vaped herbs is far superior to combusted. Subtle notes can be experienced at lower temperatures, and the full bouquet of the flower’s aromas are available through vaporization.

Efficiency:  Combusting your Cannabis will destroy up to 40% of the active compounds. Vaporization allows for release of levels of 90% of cannabinoids and above. So there is little to debate. if you want your cannabis to go farther and last longer, vaping is the way to go.

Health:  Smoking cannabis releases tar and carcinogens and while it hasn’t been linked to lung cancer, there is little doubt that you are damaging your lungs when you smoke cannabis. Vaporization minimizes any toxins entering your lungs, and completely does away with the Tar and many of the damaging chemicals emitted by burning plant matter.