Aspire Nautilus Mini with BVC Review


I recently visited my local e-cig B&M and picked up the Aspire Nautilus Mini atomizer tank. It came equipped with Aspire’s new BVC (bottom verticle coil) which has been rumored to be a game changer for prebuilt coils. I usually stick to my rebuildables but my interest in a simple alternative was piqued, and I relented and bought one. At this point I would like to mention that some people have taken issue with the BVC’s wicking materials (its brittleness)and the possiblilty some material may be inhaled with degradation. While I allow that this is a possibility, I used to suck back 30 smokes a day so this still has to be an improvement. With that said, the Aspire BVCs preform as close to an RBA as any prebuilt coil I have experienced. The 1.8 ohm coil handles 15watts with ease, and though I don’t have any device to test it on, Im sure it could handle more power. The flavor is outsanding, as is wicking (with 50/50 pg/vg)and it perform with no gurgling at all, regardless of tank level. The tank itself assembles easily, is glass, and leak free. I have to hand to Aspire, so long as the product proves safe, they have an all around  winner on their hands. One that delivers the RBA experience in a hassle free prebuilt coil.



The D-020 bubbler



The D-020 bubbler has gained quite the reputation on, and always being in the market for good cheap glass I ordered two of them to see what the fuss was about.  The bubbler functions very well. Both units were near flawless and I can see why people love them. It has even diffusion with moderately good  stacking by the 10 slit perc. The chamber is nice and small, perfect vaping with flavor in mind. There is little to no drag or chug.  Here is a vid of me milking my Arizer Solo with the D-020:

It is nearly perfect for use with the solo, however it does leave your unit very close to your face.  If you need cheap quality glass for use with vaporizers consider the D-020, they have other nice pieces available as well. Check out, seller: Sunshinestore  (Be warned there is a lot of crap on DHgate so stick to reputable sellers). Shipping was 14 days from the date of ordering to get to Canada, not bad considering its coming from China. Packaging was bombproof, and I payed no custom fees.  The D-020 is a beautiful piece and a perfect match for the solo consider it  as your next purchase to up your vaporization game.