V3 Cloupor Hana dna-30 Clone Review


I purchased my V3 Cloupor Hana Clone at my local B&M and having verified that it is indeed a V3, I can say that most if not all the problems with previous version have been corrected. That means that the V3 finally is what it promised to be, a viable 30 watt option for the less wealthy. These days 50 watt boxes and higher are available, but my preferences make 30 watts more than enough. The build quality of the unit is very nice. Never having held a real Hana, I cant compare the two, but the clone is very sturdy and the electronics are neatly sealed away from harm. After three weeks of use I can say the V3 Hana clone is holding up well, and basically preforms exactly as you would want it to. You can distinguish the V2 from the V3 by the V3`s lack of a firing pause after coming back from the screen sleeping. I love the box mod format and I feel the V3 Hana clone is an all around winner for everyone except Hana Modz.

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The Lotus WPA kit Review


I purchased the Lotus Water Pipe Adapter kit directly from Mendocino Therapeutics website, and recieved the order 7 business days later. The Lotus is a butane torch powered herbal vape that offers pure convection with no interference from fumes. Pure, near instant convection means that no herb is vaporized when you aren’t taking hauls. Depending on your competency with the torch, the lotus can provide either some of the largest rips I have experienced or be slow roasted to nurse every cannabinoid. The addition of the stir stick in the cap is appreciated although I needed to shorten mine slightly to use it with my bubbler. I like to use it with my J-hook for  slow nursing loads and my bubbler for huge lung busters.

I would highly recommend the Lotus for  anyone looking for a versatile, inexpensive and powerful vaporizer. Only drawback I see is that the process of torching the plate is a little Crack Cocaine-y, but that same process allows the user complete control over one of the most powerful portable vaporizers available. One capable of extracting everything from a load, as long as your lungs capable. Cleaning is simple and infrequent, and while combustion is possible, a little practice will stop that. For your consideration below is a clip of me milking the D-020 with the Lotus WPA. I am in love with the Lotus.