Flowermate Mini Review

Flowermate mini

The Flowermate is one of the go-to introductory vaporizers, mainly due to its reasonable price. I was curious as to its performance  and in need of a discrete and very portable vaporizer, so I ordered the Mini version. The unit is pleasantly small. measuring 3.5 inches high, 2 inches wide and less than an inch thick.  How does it measure up to other Units? I would say with a little simple modding to widen the draw a fraction (lose the screen in the mouthpiece, and widen the mouthpiece holes a little) it performs on par with the original PAX if not better.  The chamber holds a little over 0.3g and should be packed tightly. I performed two cycles on high for a burnoff, but still experienced a little unpleasant funk during the first few sessions. This went away soon, leaving decent flavor. It is important to note that the air-path is shared with electronics, meaning if there is any off gassing from electronics during use you will probably end up inhaling it, so user beware. The battery lasts about ten 5 minute cycles on the highest level, enough to fully vaporize about 5 loads. This is pretty impressive considering the portability. The battery takes about 2.5 hours to charge from dead, which isn’t great but it charges via micro usb, which is great.

I especially like that everything is self-contained. It’s great to leave the house with a packed oven, and be ready to session with discretion and ease. All I need in my pocket for a days vaping is the Mini and a small vial with the tool and some herb stuffed in. To judge vapor production for yourself, below is a short session with the Mini through a bubbler, starting on medium and moving to high. It’s a little bit of a weed hog but still performs.


E-nano by EpicVape Review


The E-Nano is a log style convection vaporizer produce by a California Company called EpicVape. I received mine a few months ago (after sorting some issues out with shipping times and a defective unit) and it has rarely been powered off. One of the great advantages of the E-Nano is that it consumes very little power and can remain heated indefinitely, leaving it ready for a quick hit at any time.  You can chose to consume via dry stem, or separately sold water-pipe adapter. Dry stem is great for flavor while the water pipe adapter shines when giving huge rips. Being a log vaporizer the E-nano boasts enough power for Herbs and Concentrates.

Flavor is also exceptional. Unlike a lot of other log vapes the E nano comes equipped with variable temperature out of the box, and it can deliver huge clouds with a tiny amount of Herb. The finish on my walnut unit is very nice and the vape is very aesthetically pleasing. The bowl size is adjustable from very small to tiny (fixed stems are also available), so don’t expect this to be a great party vape. It excels at getting one or two people medicated with the smallest amounts feasible.  The draw restriction varies according to how the stem is packed. With a loose pack the draw is quite open.

I picked up a stand that EpicVape sells and found it very convenient and would recommend it due to the minor annoyance that is the stubborn cord.  I would think that a medicinal user would love the E-nano as it can be left on and always at the ready and it allows your stash to last as long as possible. Below is a clip of The BIG BOY (Roor Fairmaster) being milked up by the E-nano with a tiny amount of herb.