Strain Reviews – Weeds, Glass and Gifts – Danforth


With dispensaries opening across my home town of Toronto, I have decided to start  doing Strain reviews to compliment the blog. The first Shop I will be looking at is Weeds Glass and Gifts, specifically the Danforth location. I have been shopping there over a month, and this is a short compilation of some of the products I have tried.


Jack Herer – A classic Sativa strain, the Jack Herer at WG&G is similar to other batches of the strain I have received from other sources, which bodes well. While not overly potent, the bud’s peppery and piney flavour is a favourite. I always look for this strain when shopping as it provides a great Sativa profile, and tends to be one of British Columbia’s more popular herbal exports.

Congolese Red – A  Sativa strain, that is on the weaker side of the herb I have recieved at WG&G. The flavour is decent though, piney with strong mint notes. Not great, but decent and complex flavours.

Island Sweet Skunk –  Another favourite Sativa of mine combines strong pine flavours with skunk undertones. Good strength, but the real draw is the awesome flavour this strain puts out, especially with a vaporizer.

Master Kush –  This strain was billed as one of the stores strongest, and I didn’t get a chance to vape it, as I opted to press mine into Rosin, which I botched (long boring story). But going on looks alone, it is definitely good bud. Perfectly groomed and decently frosted, It definitely looks like one of the more potent strains WG&G has to offer, and retains the strain’s characteristic kushyness.


Grapefruit Shatter  –  This concentrate had an nice amber hue, good transparency, and was clean tasting.  One of my favourite concentrates I have tried from them, the taste is very fruity and accurate to the namesake. I savoured every dab of the stuff and can’t wait till I get my hands on something similar.

Critical Shatter  – This stuff was very clear and stable, but lacked the flavour profile I would expect from the price tag. In fact the flavour seemed rather standard. It packed a good punch, however when paying top dollar for concentrates I expect outstanding flavour, which wasn’t present in this sample.

Sour Diesel Wax –  Almost white in appearance and extremely crumbly, this wax had excellent flavour, with strong lemon and fuel overtones. Another sample that I am always looking for more of.

Edibles :  

Cherry Jelly Bombs:  Advertised at 80mg total with eight doses, these things are tasty. You’d never guess that they had THC in them from the taste. I got decently medicated from 3/4 of one of them, but my tolerance is through the roof. I like these a lot for a long-lasting body oriented high.


Stay in tune for more in depth Toronto dispensary product reviews, along with the regular vape related content. Thanks for the read!



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