VapCap OG Review



After hearing so many good thing online about the VapCap and considering the reasonable price, I picked one up a few months ago to give a go. People have had a lot of good things to say about the VapCap, and it is a serviceable butane powered vaporizer at a reasonable 30usd. But if you leave out the affordability,  it leaves alot to be desired, in my opinion.

The good side is it can deliver decent clouds and is seriously small.  It is no bigger than a cigarette and comes with a convenient tube for storage. With proper heating technique you can get some good clouds. Heat the top end of the metal tip for light vapor, and the bottom end closer to the glass for denser vapor. You simply heat evenly till the metal tip clicks, then draw on it for around twenty seconds till it loses temperature. It will click again when it is nearly cool enough to handle.

The main problems I have with the VapCap are two-fold and relate to flavour and ease of use. Firstly, flavour on the VapCap is pretty poor. If you want clouds with any density at all you will be sacrificing a lot of flavour, expect a lot of charred taste. It can deliver decently big hits but not tasty ones, in my experience. If you want flavour with the VapCap you can only get it in wisps. Secondly if you want a serious session the VapCap is not your vape. Maybe it would be appropriate for those with very low tolerance but a seasoned toker will be left annoyed at the small capacity and long cool down-time. Between loading, heating, taking a brief few tokes, waiting for it to cool and reloading, you are talking about at least a couple of  minutes to wait for generally pretty unimpressive hits. If you want big hits that satisfy, you run the very real risk of combustion and they taste poor regardless.

Cleaning is relatively easy with a q-tip  and Iso.  It should be noted that I am using the OG version and other upgraded versions may provide a better experience. All in all, not a bad vape for those with money constraints and a low tolerance, but not really   a good option for flavor chasers, or those who consume higher quantities.


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