Review of Harmonic Arts’ Herbal Smoke


After wondering for a while about the potential of dry herb vapes being used with herbs other than Cannabis, I stumbled on the Harmonic Arts website. They offer their product Herbal Smoke as a alternative for Tobacco, but I saw some potential as a Cannabis substitute for my vaporizer. It is relatively cheap at $7 for 25grams so I decided to take a shot.

Herbal smoke is a blend of Damiana, Coltsfoot, Mullien, Skullcap, and Lobelia. The blend vapes decently producing very light vapour at lower temps. At around 400 degree F it starts to produce decent clouds with some significant throat hit. Quite suprisingly, it produces almost as much throat punch as Cannabis at higher temps.

Flavour leaves a bit to be desired however, It’s not sweet like Cannabis at all. A slightly earthy, overwhelmingly woody flavor is produced. Don’t get me wrong, it is certainly pleasant in its own way, but being used to the amazing flavor of top shelf Cannabis, it is definitely a step down in pleasantness. Effects were a very, very slight calming sensation for around 15min after consumption.

One big drawback is the blend was overly ground when it arrived. It was almost powder and tends to clog airflow. for this reason I’ve been using a small amount of Cannabis, either fresh or AVB, as a base and topper to retain airflow. You may want to ask for a coarser grind when ordering. I hope you find this review helpful and look for more Vapour related content in the future.