Statutory Vape, Now With HomeGrow Goodness

The Blog has been inactive for some time. However, a recent foray into home growing has breathed new life into Statutory Vape. Over the next 3 months I will be documenting the process of flowering, harvesting and curing two Cannabis plants in my home grow room.


To bring you up to speed, the above two plants are White Widow by Crop King and are grown from feminized seeds. They are sitting in soilless mix and fed Botanicare organic nutrients with minor additions. The above photo was taken approximately 6 weeks from sprouting under 250 watt MH.

The girl on the left has been named Big Bird because she is taller and lankier than her sister. The shorter and stouter of the two is named Nikita. Both plants were topped three times during veg. Each of them also had a vigorous secondary branch topped as well.  I fear that Big Bird will stretch alot, causing the canopy to be difficult to maintain. It will be interesting to keep an eye on growth and I will try to maximise quality and yield through various grow techniques.


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