Grow Journal: White Widow by Crop King: Flower Day 6

I have finished building the vegitative growth box. It is lit with 6 x 24w T5. I am unsure if the light will be sufficient to fully veg the plants, but if I have to let the next batch grow in veg a little in the Flower room it’s okay.

No significant work done on the girls, but they are really beginning to push. The next week and a bit should be interesting as the plant will start to fill up the room more. I raised the 400w hps a bit as Big Bird (on the right) was getting a little close. As a result I have also had to raise up Nikita so she gets optimal light. I am also giving foliar spraying in the morning  and evenings with a diluted solution of bloom nutrients, but that will stop shortly as flowers begin to develop.

I have to wonder if the two plants are even the same cultivar (WW) as their structure differs so greatly. I suppose the could simply be drastically different phenotypes of the same cultivar. We will see further into flower how different the plants really are, and we will be able to surmise any differences in terpene profiles. I wouldn’t mind a little variety in bud, so different cultivars would be appreciated as long as flower times stay 8-9 weeks and yield/quality is good.



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