Extract Reviews: Girls Scout Cookies by Phyto Extractions


I purchased this product at one of Toronto’s newest store fronts, located just South of Dundas on Ossington in Toronto, “The Ossington Dispensary”. Its a really classy place with a wide selection of high grade Cannabis  and a decent selection of concentrates and edibles.  This extract was produced by Phyto Extractions and came in nice packaging with some of the pertinent information on the label such as appropriate ailments, flavour profile, and medicative effects.  I was very pleased to get my hands on such a renowned strain as Girls Scout Cookies, a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison.  The product is a very stable shatter at room temperature and my sample came in numerous small shards rather than a slab. It sports a pleasant rose tinted hue and gives off a distinct and pungent aroma. The smell hints at a flavour profile that is best compared to the a fresh whiff of well grown and cured Jack Herer. I was taken back from my first hit, to the peppery, piney, and hashy flavour associated with good ol’ British Columbia Jack Herer. The effects of the product are similarly impressive. A strong, euphoric, heady high greets the user immediately after dabbing, with waves of relaxation quickly following.  All in all, one of the most pleasant extracts I’ve had the pleasure of sampling, with great flavour and effects, and one that I will hope to purchase again in the future. Girl Scout Cookies by Phyto Extractions is available at The Ossington Dispensary for $60 a gram.


Extract Review: Diamond Concentrates’ Django Shatter


I recently visited a East-end Toronto dispensary and picked up a couple grams of Diamond Concentrates’ Django Shatter. Take the review with a grain of salt as my experience with concentrates is somewhat limited, although I have sampled about 15 different varieties of extract in the past few months. The Shatter is very clear, and a pleasant golden hue when held to the light.  It is very stable and will shatter easily, sometimes inopportunely. While I find the more stable an extract is, the less fragrant it tends to be, this stuff is quite aromatic, and the smell matches the flavour very well. Django is listed on the slick packaging as a hybrid while Leafly suggests it is Sativa Dominant. I’m not sure what is right but the high is certainly not sluggish. I have yet to nap after overdabbing it, which sometimes happens with other products.  Flavour is mainly floral. I may detect some fuel flavour and some less pleasant grass-clippings taste is definitely present, but muted. At GW Emporium, Oshawa location this stuff is going for $60 a gram which to me is very reasonable, as I have found less superior extract for higher prices more than once elsewhere, and have yet to have a $60 gram surpass this stuff in quality.  Look out for more reviews on Toronto Cannabis dispensaries in the future, and thanks for reading.

Strain Reviews – Weeds, Glass and Gifts – Danforth


With dispensaries opening across my home town of Toronto, I have decided to start  doing Strain reviews to compliment the blog. The first Shop I will be looking at is Weeds Glass and Gifts, specifically the Danforth location. I have been shopping there over a month, and this is a short compilation of some of the products I have tried.


Jack Herer – A classic Sativa strain, the Jack Herer at WG&G is similar to other batches of the strain I have received from other sources, which bodes well. While not overly potent, the bud’s peppery and piney flavour is a favourite. I always look for this strain when shopping as it provides a great Sativa profile, and tends to be one of British Columbia’s more popular herbal exports.

Congolese Red – A  Sativa strain, that is on the weaker side of the herb I have recieved at WG&G. The flavour is decent though, piney with strong mint notes. Not great, but decent and complex flavours.

Island Sweet Skunk –  Another favourite Sativa of mine combines strong pine flavours with skunk undertones. Good strength, but the real draw is the awesome flavour this strain puts out, especially with a vaporizer.

Master Kush –  This strain was billed as one of the stores strongest, and I didn’t get a chance to vape it, as I opted to press mine into Rosin, which I botched (long boring story). But going on looks alone, it is definitely good bud. Perfectly groomed and decently frosted, It definitely looks like one of the more potent strains WG&G has to offer, and retains the strain’s characteristic kushyness.


Grapefruit Shatter  –  This concentrate had an nice amber hue, good transparency, and was clean tasting.  One of my favourite concentrates I have tried from them, the taste is very fruity and accurate to the namesake. I savoured every dab of the stuff and can’t wait till I get my hands on something similar.

Critical Shatter  – This stuff was very clear and stable, but lacked the flavour profile I would expect from the price tag. In fact the flavour seemed rather standard. It packed a good punch, however when paying top dollar for concentrates I expect outstanding flavour, which wasn’t present in this sample.

Sour Diesel Wax –  Almost white in appearance and extremely crumbly, this wax had excellent flavour, with strong lemon and fuel overtones. Another sample that I am always looking for more of.

Edibles :  

Cherry Jelly Bombs:  Advertised at 80mg total with eight doses, these things are tasty. You’d never guess that they had THC in them from the taste. I got decently medicated from 3/4 of one of them, but my tolerance is through the roof. I like these a lot for a long-lasting body oriented high.


Stay in tune for more in depth Toronto dispensary product reviews, along with the regular vape related content. Thanks for the read!