Grow Journal: White Widow by Crop King: Flower Day 18


Today, I finished up defoliation. The girls are looking very lush, and the tiny buds are gaining in size every day. I couldn’t be more pleased with how the grow is going.  No sign of toxicities or deficiencies. No pest problems to speak of. I’ll be giving them one more watering with nutrients then after that administering a flush to clean out the medium.



Grow Journal: White Widow by Crop King: Flower Day 14


The Buds have began forming. Started light defoliation, a few leaves every day for the next week. Trying to get light to all the bud sites on Nikita, and remove all the lower bud sites that won’t get any light on Big Bird. I’ll need to water again soon.

Grow Journal: White Widow by Crop King: Flower Day 9


The Ladies got their nutes and water today. They are still stretching and the differences in height will be a nuisance at least. I am hoping to get around 2.5 ounces a plant, if not more. Each plant has 8 central bud sites, and a few strong secondary ones which should develop into big colas. Fingers crossed. Once they stop stretching I will begin some defoliation to allow light to get to the lower bud sites, especially on Nikita, whom I believe will be the big producer.

Review of Harmonic Arts’ Herbal Smoke


After wondering for a while about the potential of dry herb vapes being used with herbs other than Cannabis, I stumbled on the Harmonic Arts website. They offer their product Herbal Smoke as a alternative for Tobacco, but I saw some potential as a Cannabis substitute for my vaporizer. It is relatively cheap at $7 for 25grams so I decided to take a shot.

Herbal smoke is a blend of Damiana, Coltsfoot, Mullien, Skullcap, and Lobelia. The blend vapes decently producing very light vapour at lower temps. At around 400 degree F it starts to produce decent clouds with some significant throat hit. Quite suprisingly, it produces almost as much throat punch as Cannabis at higher temps.

Flavour leaves a bit to be desired however, It’s not sweet like Cannabis at all. A slightly earthy, overwhelmingly woody flavor is produced. Don’t get me wrong, it is certainly pleasant in its own way, but being used to the amazing flavor of top shelf Cannabis, it is definitely a step down in pleasantness. Effects were a very, very slight calming sensation for around 15min after consumption.

One big drawback is the blend was overly ground when it arrived. It was almost powder and tends to clog airflow. for this reason I’ve been using a small amount of Cannabis, either fresh or AVB, as a base and topper to retain airflow. You may want to ask for a coarser grind when ordering. I hope you find this review helpful and look for more Vapour related content in the future.

Boundless CF Review


After being in the market for a new discrete portable unit, the Boundless CF caught my attention and I purchased one from 8 days Later it arrived over the border, And I must say I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Its size is small enough to still be usable in public, although it is getting on the big size for stealthiness. It features five preset  temperatures raging from 355f to 415f in 15 degree intervals. The presets can provide a slow flavourful vape or a hotter more intense experience.

The oven of the vape is among the larger on the market but doesn’t need to be fully filled to function well. The CF heats on a 5 min cycle, which I have found to be a little short, but it is easy enough to restart.

Performance is very impressive for a battery operated portable in the 120 USD price range. Heat up time is VERY quick at a average of 20 seconds from cold. Airflow is good, not exceptional, but coming from something like a Flowermate Mini it is a big step up. It should be noted that I have not had much success with the concentrate tank, but my purpose for it is mostly dry herb anyway.

I have the upgraded version which has a battery indicator and a stealth mode, and boasts improved airflow. I get about seven, 7 min sessions out of a full charge which is pretty impressive considering the power of the unit.

Overall it makes sense that this portable and its bigger brother the CFX has caught on the way it has. A quality unit for a decent price that preforms very well. Perhaps,  the best new suggestion for a affordable but powerful, portable dry herb vapourizer.

Update: After about a months use I have been very pleasantly suprised by how little maintanence the unit requires. I have only had to give my CF one thorough clean, and one other lighter clean in this whole time of constant use. I just empty the oven while its still hot, blow off the crumbs on the mouthpiece screen and into the oven, and its ready for another session. Great work Boundless!

VapCap OG Review



After hearing so many good thing online about the VapCap and considering the reasonable price, I picked one up a few months ago to give a go. People have had a lot of good things to say about the VapCap, and it is a serviceable butane powered vaporizer at a reasonable 30usd. But if you leave out the affordability,  it leaves alot to be desired, in my opinion.

The good side is it can deliver decent clouds and is seriously small.  It is no bigger than a cigarette and comes with a convenient tube for storage. With proper heating technique you can get some good clouds. Heat the top end of the metal tip for light vapor, and the bottom end closer to the glass for denser vapor. You simply heat evenly till the metal tip clicks, then draw on it for around twenty seconds till it loses temperature. It will click again when it is nearly cool enough to handle.

The main problems I have with the VapCap are two-fold and relate to flavour and ease of use. Firstly, flavour on the VapCap is pretty poor. If you want clouds with any density at all you will be sacrificing a lot of flavour, expect a lot of charred taste. It can deliver decently big hits but not tasty ones, in my experience. If you want flavour with the VapCap you can only get it in wisps. Secondly if you want a serious session the VapCap is not your vape. Maybe it would be appropriate for those with very low tolerance but a seasoned toker will be left annoyed at the small capacity and long cool down-time. Between loading, heating, taking a brief few tokes, waiting for it to cool and reloading, you are talking about at least a couple of  minutes to wait for generally pretty unimpressive hits. If you want big hits that satisfy, you run the very real risk of combustion and they taste poor regardless.

Cleaning is relatively easy with a q-tip  and Iso.  It should be noted that I am using the OG version and other upgraded versions may provide a better experience. All in all, not a bad vape for those with money constraints and a low tolerance, but not really   a good option for flavor chasers, or those who consume higher quantities.