Flowermate Mini Review

Flowermate mini

The Flowermate is one of the go-to introductory vaporizers, mainly due to its reasonable price. I was curious as to its performance  and in need of a discrete and very portable vaporizer, so I ordered the Mini version. The unit is pleasantly small. measuring 3.5 inches high, 2 inches wide and less than an inch thick.  How does it measure up to other Units? I would say with a little simple modding to widen the draw a fraction (lose the screen in the mouthpiece, and widen the mouthpiece holes a little) it performs on par with the original PAX if not better.  The chamber holds a little over 0.3g and should be packed tightly. I performed two cycles on high for a burnoff, but still experienced a little unpleasant funk during the first few sessions. This went away soon, leaving decent flavor. It is important to note that the air-path is shared with electronics, meaning if there is any off gassing from electronics during use you will probably end up inhaling it, so user beware. The battery lasts about ten 5 minute cycles on the highest level, enough to fully vaporize about 5 loads. This is pretty impressive considering the portability. The battery takes about 2.5 hours to charge from dead, which isn’t great but it charges via micro usb, which is great.

I especially like that everything is self-contained. It’s great to leave the house with a packed oven, and be ready to session with discretion and ease. All I need in my pocket for a days vaping is the Mini and a small vial with the tool and some herb stuffed in. To judge vapor production for yourself, below is a short session with the Mini through a bubbler, starting on medium and moving to high. It’s a little bit of a weed hog but still performs.


E-nano by EpicVape Review


The E-Nano is a log style convection vaporizer produce by a California Company called EpicVape. I received mine a few months ago (after sorting some issues out with shipping times and a defective unit) and it has rarely been powered off. One of the great advantages of the E-Nano is that it consumes very little power and can remain heated indefinitely, leaving it ready for a quick hit at any time.  You can chose to consume via dry stem, or separately sold water-pipe adapter. Dry stem is great for flavor while the water pipe adapter shines when giving huge rips. Being a log vaporizer the E-nano boasts enough power for Herbs and Concentrates.

Flavor is also exceptional. Unlike a lot of other log vapes the E nano comes equipped with variable temperature out of the box, and it can deliver huge clouds with a tiny amount of Herb. The finish on my walnut unit is very nice and the vape is very aesthetically pleasing. The bowl size is adjustable from very small to tiny (fixed stems are also available), so don’t expect this to be a great party vape. It excels at getting one or two people medicated with the smallest amounts feasible.  The draw restriction varies according to how the stem is packed. With a loose pack the draw is quite open.

I picked up a stand that EpicVape sells and found it very convenient and would recommend it due to the minor annoyance that is the stubborn cord.  I would think that a medicinal user would love the E-nano as it can be left on and always at the ready and it allows your stash to last as long as possible. Below is a clip of The BIG BOY (Roor Fairmaster) being milked up by the E-nano with a tiny amount of herb.

Sigelei 30w Review


I have had my Sigelei 30w for some time, and I have little negative to say about it. It is small, sturdy and had lasted numerous tumbles. It has a magnetic door on the battery slot which is convenient, and 5 programmable wattages. It comes with a silicon sleeve for extra protection which is a plus. This review is short but there isn’t too much to say. Sigelei makes quality stuff and this item is no different. Some will no doubt find 30w underpowered, but it fits my bill perfectly. The one negative I can think of is the positive pin in the battery compartment will tarnish eventually and you may lose your power connection, clean it appropriately and you’re back in business.

Update: (Dec 2015) After one tumble too many my Sigelei 30w has died. The 510 connections stripped so nothing will screw in anymore, perhaps a design flaw.

E-leaf Lemo RTA Review



The Lemo is a single-coil kayfun-style RTA with a glass tank. It has replaced my Kayfun 3.1 clone as my tank of choice for many reasons. It has larger juice channels for better wicking, and that with superior airflow means it can handle much higher wattages than my Kayfun. The glass tank assembles easily, and is filled with a syringe via a screw port. The flavor is very good and the airflow while not wide open, is open enough for good straight lung inhales. I was having issues properly wicking my Kayfun clone but with the Lemo those issues are gone. Definitely another winner from the people at E-leaf.

E-leaf Istick 20w Review



I recently purchased an E-leaf Istick. It has been much discussed online and is touted for its size and price tag. Perfect for intermediate users, it provides 20w of power and sports a 2200 mah internal battery. The build quality is decent considering the low price tag, however I wouldn’t expect it to survive a big fall onto an unforgiving surface. 22mm tanks will hang over the device, so a smaller tank may be desirable. It goes very well with the mini aspire nautilis, a combo I would recommend for people looking for a  no nonsense and stealthy solution. Overall I would say the Istick is a winner, however a spring loaded connection would be appreciated.



V3 Cloupor Hana dna-30 Clone Review


I purchased my V3 Cloupor Hana Clone at my local B&M and having verified that it is indeed a V3, I can say that most if not all the problems with previous version have been corrected. That means that the V3 finally is what it promised to be, a viable 30 watt option for the less wealthy. These days 50 watt boxes and higher are available, but my preferences make 30 watts more than enough. The build quality of the unit is very nice. Never having held a real Hana, I cant compare the two, but the clone is very sturdy and the electronics are neatly sealed away from harm. After three weeks of use I can say the V3 Hana clone is holding up well, and basically preforms exactly as you would want it to. You can distinguish the V2 from the V3 by the V3`s lack of a firing pause after coming back from the screen sleeping. I love the box mod format and I feel the V3 Hana clone is an all around winner for everyone except Hana Modz.

image (1)

The Lotus WPA kit Review


I purchased the Lotus Water Pipe Adapter kit directly from Mendocino Therapeutics website, and recieved the order 7 business days later. The Lotus is a butane torch powered herbal vape that offers pure convection with no interference from fumes. Pure, near instant convection means that no herb is vaporized when you aren’t taking hauls. Depending on your competency with the torch, the lotus can provide either some of the largest rips I have experienced or be slow roasted to nurse every cannabinoid. The addition of the stir stick in the cap is appreciated although I needed to shorten mine slightly to use it with my bubbler. I like to use it with my J-hook for  slow nursing loads and my bubbler for huge lung busters.

I would highly recommend the Lotus for  anyone looking for a versatile, inexpensive and powerful vaporizer. Only drawback I see is that the process of torching the plate is a little Crack Cocaine-y, but that same process allows the user complete control over one of the most powerful portable vaporizers available. One capable of extracting everything from a load, as long as your lungs capable. Cleaning is simple and infrequent, and while combustion is possible, a little practice will stop that. For your consideration below is a clip of me milking the D-020 with the Lotus WPA. I am in love with the Lotus.